World Human Rights Day 2018

No girl left behind

Posted On December 10, 2018


“We are all born equal”.


We cannot afford to remain indifferent. The freedom and equality of everyone is very important. English Cameroon has experienced an upsurge of extreme abuse and violation of human rights in the last three years.

Civilians have been unfairly jailed, thousands forced to flee their homes, Thousands in refugee camps with little or no attention. It is time to prioritise the rights of citizens especially the girl child in whom lies the future of every nation.

It has been reported that thousands of girls are raped daily by the military It is also deeply worrying that thousands of unarmed civilians are shot and killed by the military on a daily basis in English Cameroon.

It is appalling and unfortunately that the same military has caused unspeakable abuse and violation of vulnerable girls/women instead of protecting them

Written by No Girl Left Behind

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