About Us

Our Goal

No Girl Left Behind is focused on Moving young girls from poverty, stagnation, and illiteracy to excellence. Through our scholarship programs, our goal is to increase the number of girls between the ages of 13 to 25 years old with university degrees. Our focus is to increase University admission rate thereby cutting down on school dropout rates amongst girls.

We are set to enlighten girls/young women in areas of;


Development of self-awareness and healthy relationships.


Healthy life-style choices and feminine hygiene


Spiritual development and growth


Domestic violence, sexual harassment and abuse


Reproductive health; Female genital mutilation, child bride, teenage pregnancy.

Our Mission

No Girl Left Behind’s mission is to provide financial support to Cameroon’s underprivileged girls through scholarships to support girls/ young women in; educational pursuits, acquisition of vocational skills and professional development for a better Cameroon and the world at large.

No Girl Left behind is digging deep into the cycles of poverty and deficits in female education that has left the African girl child at the disadvantage in countless ways.

Our Vision

A Cameroon and Africa where girls/young women can have equal access to quality education, acquire much needed vocational skills, occupy more positions in leadership. Educated girls have lower adolescent pregnancy rates, lower infant mortality rates, help foster over all community health and eradicate global poverty. Girls/young women cannot add value unless they have value, No Girl Left Behind is set to raise value adding women.

Our Core Values

Guiding us in our mission are our core values:

Spirituality; Instilling the fear of God in young women and giving them solid foundation, because the fear of God facilitates capacity.

Discipline; Cultivation of self-control, girls/young women ought to have self-discipline and values for higher standards.

Integrity; The virtue of integrity is highly needed and cannot be outsourced in our nation.

Accountability; Gilrs/young women are taught the basic need for accountability. Everyone is urged to take responsibility, be transparent to be trusted with given assignment or property.

Creativity; Encouraging young women to engage their minds in productive thinking thereby igniting the talents in them, doing common place things to perfection.

Our Programs

At No Girl Left Behind (NGLB), we have 3 core programs targeted for girl/young women between the ages of 13-25 years. 

Sponsor a Girl Programme (SGP)

Quality education is the cornerstone of a prosperous nation. But in Cameroon — an ethnically diverse country in south-central Africa — only 53 percent of children attend secondary school. Also, the state of girls’ education in Cameroon is troubling


Sustainable Skill Acquisition Programme (S-SAP)

With the high level of unemployment among the youths especially our young women who eventually end up as a housewife with little to nothing to cater for their growing family needs, our  Sustainable Skill Acquisition is aimed at providing girls and young mothers with sustainable skills.

Career Mentorship Programme (CMP)

With our one-on-one mentoring programme we help these girls find their path in life.  As a mentee, they will benefit from the deep experience of people who at one time were faced with similar challenges that they face today and have been able to make an impact

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