The Girl Magazine Vol. 1

The Girl Magazine Volume 1

Posted On June 11, 2020

I started the No Girl Left Behind initiative because as a young woman raised in a little seaside town called Limbe and lived through several other small towns in Cameroon, I noticed that many young women like myself had a common plight that was a huge limitation, poverty. The majority of girls were not born into privileged homes. Struggling to survive was the order of the day, and I hated it but had no choice. As a kid, I knew life had more to offer and was determined to work hard and explore what was in life for me.

Written by No Girl Left Behind

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  1. Sanny Lonyem

    Oh wow Therese!! You keep outdoing yourself over and over again. I am so proud of you sis. May the good Lord continue to guide and bless your purpose. Just wow.


    A fun way to get updates on activities of the foundation and progress on the NGLB Beneficiaries

  3. Fr. Rinda Emmanuel

    It’s a very beautiful initiative that is transforming the lives of many. For over 300 girls to have benefitted so far from the program is a huge benefit not just to the girls and their families but to the economy as well. These are the kind of avenues we need to help transform many more lives and free them from poverty and it’s damaging effects


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