About Us

We Educate, Enlighten, and Empower Young Girls

No Girl Left Behind is focused on Moving young girls from poverty, stagnation, and illiteracy to excellence. Through our scholarship programs, our goal is to increase the number of girls between the ages of 13 to 25 years old with university degrees. Our focus is to increase University admission rate thereby cutting down on school dropout rates amongst girls.

We are set to enlighten girls/young women in areas of:


Development of self-awareness and healthy relationships


Healthy life-style choices and feminine hygiene


Spiritual development and growth


Domestic violence, sexual harassment and abuse


Reproductive health; Female genital mutilation, child bride, teenage pregnancy.

What We Do

Sponsor a Girl Programme (SGP)

Quality education is the cornerstone of a prosperous nation. But in Cameroon — an ethnically diverse country in south-central Africa — only 53 percent of children attend secondary school. Also, the state of girls’ education in Cameroon is troubling


Sustainable Skill Acquisition Programme (S-SAP)

With the high level of unemployment among the youths especially our young women who eventually end up as a housewife with little to nothing to cater for their growing family needs, our  Sustainable Skill Acquisition is aimed at providing girls and young mothers with sustainable skills.

Career Mentorship Programme (CMP)

With our one-on-one mentoring programme we help these girls find their path in life.  As a mentee, they will benefit from the deep experience of people who at one time were faced with similar challenges that they face today and have been able to make an impact

Our Impact

$6,000 Spent in Academic Scholarship

We have given about 30 scholarships to Secondary and High School students in the past 2 years.

6 University Academic Scholarship

No Girl Left Behind have provided 3 University Scholarship worth $500 to indigent student in Cameroon, and it’s working to increase the number of scholarship award per year 

Over 300 Girls in Skill Acquisition program

We have over 20 girls enrolled in our skill Acquisition Program, this we were able to achieve through some of our partnering centers in Africa

$2,500 Spent on Equipment for Vocational Skills

After training the girls we go on to support them with the necessary tools they need to start their small business.

$1,000 Spent on Aids for the IDPs

Due to the ongoing crisis in Cameroon, a lot of families have been displaced. No Girl Left Behind has provided support in terms of food items to the IDPs in the IDP Camp.

$1,000 Spent Feminine Hygiene Products

Every December, you used to carry out a feminine hygiene drive and funds raised from this drive are used to promote the feminine hygiene of women/girls back in Africa

Support our work

Together, we can impact more lives . Give now to transform lives.

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Scroll down to register for the summit Our GIRLS SUMMIT 2020 is almost here!!! and you are invited. No girl left Behind is an academic and faith-based non-profit organization. Our purpose is to raise value-adding women, we are mentoring, teaching and transforming...

International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day 2019

Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change When women come together things begin to happen! At NGLB we are shaping the narrative of girls/women . Investing in girls/women is building a better world for the next generation, because when women thrive, so do the...

Girls Toiletries Drive

Girls Toiletries Drive

The struggle to afford basic sanitary needs is becoming a nightmare for individuals at the internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps due to the Southern Cameroon political unrest. No Girl Left Behind launched the 'Toiletries Drive on December 14th, 2018 and it's...

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